Friday, October 28, 2011

Here We Go Again

Contributed by
Eric Dunaway
Communications/Missions Pastor

My journey at Pathway has been a very interesting one...and one that I've enjoyed immensely. In August of 2006 I started here as the middle school pastor. At the time, I thought I would be in student ministries forever. If there's one thing that seems to be consistent in my ministry, however, it's that God never ceases to surprise me by his calling...and regularly gives me cause to eat my words.

At one point early in ministry, I boldly declared that I would never be a youth pastor. Just two years later, I stated that I was "in (youth ministry) for life." Less than four years after that (just fifteen months into my time at PCC), I was feeling lead to change roles at Pathway. That's when I stepped out of youth ministry and became the adult small groups pastor. That was nearly four years ago, and that's when I stopped making absolute statements about ministry.

This past summer I approached Ron Williams with an innocent question: "How do you see my fit at Pathway?" Almost immediately, he told me that we had a real need in the area of communications and missions, and felt that I would be great fit in either of those roles. And I thought he'd just reaffirm my role as the small groups pastor! Again, I was surprised, not just by his response, but by leading I began to sense as I prayed and considered the possibilities.

In August, we began to make some shifts to see this transition become a reality. As of now, I'm no longer the small groups pastor at Pathway, I'm the communications and missions pastor (official title that cleverly combines those two with a nice ring to it will come later). Some of the stuff you see around Pathway (like my picture on this blog, for example) will probably still say "small group pastor" for a while. As we ease into the first of next year, however, I will  be full steam ahead in all that is communications and missions.

Like I said, it's been an interesting journey here at PCC, and I'm excited to see what happens next. I believe that God calls each of us to serve and lead with the gifts, abilities and passions that he's placed within us. I am so thankful to serve in a church that has allowed me to do just that. And if I may be so bold, here's one more thing I'll say as it relates to ministry. I may not be the groups pastor anymore, but I will always be passionate about small group ministry. I don't believe it's just a ministry in the church...I believe it's one of the most fundamental core ministries that makes up the church. And because of that, I'll always be in a group.

I think it's a safe bet I won't be eating those words at some point.

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