Monday, January 30, 2012

Do It God's Way

contributed by:
Eric Dunaway
Communications & Missions Pastor

Children are a blessing. But let's be honest, they have their moments. Like, for instance, when my eight-year-old is supposed to be going to sleep, but is shining a flashlight (by the way, how'd she even get a flashlight?!) in her big sister's eyes. Or when my five-year-old son keeps barging into his sisters' room after repeated (and very animated, I might add) requests not to. Please tell me we're not the only family to experience this! 

With our four children, ranging from ten years old all the way down to two, life can get pretty crazy trying to keep everything in order. And recently, the older three have been hearing me say this a lot: "Would you please just do the right thing!" Sometimes I may even throw in a, "Why do I need to get involved? You know the right thing...NOW DO IT!!!!" 

This past weekend, Clinton Faupel of Remedy Live reminded us of yet another time when the Children of God (NOTE: they're never called the adults of God) are once again deciding to not do the right thing...a pattern that seems to be repeated over and over throughout the Old Testament, and if we're honest, in our own lives (ouch!). 

Clinton's challenge was a simple one, but one that each of us need to take to heart: Do it God's way. Not my way, not even our parents' way (kids, if you're reading this, disregard that last statement...and get to bed) it God's way. Every time. 

Children are naturally inclined to do what they want, when they want, how they want. And that's because children are born with a natural inclination to live for place self at the very center of their lives. In fact, the Bible calls that way of living sin. The truth that us grown ups maybe haven't come to terms with, however, is that we have a hard time growing out of this. We still want to live for do things our way

Clinton reminded us that when we do things God's way - when we're obedient to His Word, to His Holy Spirit, and surrender to His will and plan for our lives - then we begin to discover a much better life than we could ever have planned for ourselves. Much like we want the best life for our children, and we ask them to obey our direction and follow our instructions in order to experience it, God wants us to live life to the full...but that means we have to do it God's way.

Here are some questions you can reflect on personally, or with your Life Group:

1. Is there something about complete surrender and total obedience to God's Word that scares you? If so, what is it, and why?
2. Reflect on your own faith journey, times of obedience or disobedience, and how they have played out. What has been your observation on all of this?
3. Name a specific time when you were challenged to do something God's way. How did you know it was God's way? How did you respond?

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