Continuing the Journey

Introducing a brand new resource for our life groups: Continuing the Journey. This is a one-session group study that might actually feel more like a group exercise. Regardless, it's designed to help groups transition from the "trial" stage of group life into an established and ongoing life group. It's perfect for groups who've been meeting for a few weeks and want to continue on, or groups who are just getting started and need to work through the formation process. Even if you're in a seasoned group, this short group experience could help get your group moving along with new focus and momentum. Here's what Continuing the Journey offers:
  • Step-by-step coaching designed to help groups consider the logistics of group formation, group leadership, and working together as a group to make the most of each meeting. 
  • Assistance with helping new groups identify a HOST to lead them through their first six weeks. 
  • In-depth teaching that offers insight to what group life could and should look like for your group.
  • Strategies to help your group pursue spiritual growth with more focus and intentionality. 
  • Tools to help your group experience greater commitment to one another, increased participation from each member meeting-to-meeting, and greater potential for adding new members (if you're group is open).
  • Training and resources for new leaders, or leaders who are ready to advance to the next level.
Continuing the Journey is a two DVD set, which includes a workbook for each group member, and a leader book for the HOST and/or group facilitator. On the DVDs you can find:

The Group Session DVD:

Moving Forward Basics
This video is loaded with practical insight on how to get your group around the important logistics of group formation that will help your group to keep going with greater stability.

Re:Forming Basics
This video is a variation of the "Moving Forward Basics" video, but includes a detailed and strategic approach to identifying a new HOST in your group. If your in a brand new group, or a group moving forward without a HOST, this is the perfect video for you!

Getting Focused for a Solid Foundation
This video gets away from the logistics and begins to hone in on the things we believe will make your group a place where your group members can truly connect more deeply with God, and with others. The exercise that follows will help set the stage for the next six weeks in your group.

The Leaders' Session DVD:

HOST Orientation
This video is specifically for those who may be nominated as a HOST through the exercise following Re:Forming Basics video. It provides the nuts and bolts of what it means to be a group HOST, and it offers some practical insight for any first-timers who may find themselves in this role.

What's Next? Facilitator Orientation
Finally, this video is for those who've been a HOST for six weeks or more, and offers some direction on the next step in the leadership progression.

Contact Staci Overbeck at the church office to reserve a copy of Continuing the Journey for your next group meeting.

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