Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Defining Decisions

contributed by:
Becky Johnson
Women's:Life Director

I am 45ish years old...ok, add a couple of years to that and you might be a little closer to my actual age. Even at my “advanced" age however, I can still remember my high school years and how difficult some decisions were. I had to decide if I would give in to peer pressure regarding issues of integrity, alcohol and purity. Would I do what others accepted as right or go against the popular crowd…Would I give in to the pressure around me or hold to my convictions? The decisions I made then have affected how my life is lived today.

We make thousands of decisions a day…from what to eat and what to wear to what words we’ll use and what actions we’ll take. Some decisions are easy and some are incredibly difficult. Some we can make with no thought at all and others take every ounce of willpower we have. Some can be made with God’s help alone. Many of the decisions we make have generational impact and consequences. This past weekend, Pastor Ron spoke about how our decisions have consequences...and boy, do they ever!

In 1 Kings, Solomon found this to be true as did his son, Rehoboam and his servant, Jeroboam. Each began leading well but made poor decisions which led to big and painful consequences that were felt for generations to come. We desire to do better…to not make decisions out of fear or emotions which will have monumental and far reaching impact.

Ron shared some great questions we can ask ourselves before making decisions…
1.       What is driving my decision?
2.       Am I choosing my will or God’s will?
·         Does the decision violate God’s law?
·         Does the decision violate a principle in God’s Word?
·         Does the decision contradict the wisdom of God?
3.       In light of the story I want to tell, what is the wise thing to do?

Scripture remembers sixteen of the nineteen kings of Israel in this way, they “walked in the ways of Jeroboam and caused my people Israel to sin” (I Kings 15:34). I don’t want the decisions I make to cause others to sin, either now or in generations to come. How about you?

We’re all telling a story with the decisions we make and the lives we live, both now and in the future as well…what do you want your story to say?

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