Thursday, February 9, 2012

How Awesome is your God?

contributed by:
Ron Klopfenstein
Men's:Life Director

We live in an age where in many ways God has been diminished.  We hear Him referred to as “The man upstairs” or “The big guy” or we use phases like OMG without recognizing how that diminishes and degrades Him.

The God we have been studying in the Story – the God of the bible is truly awesome.  As King David reflected “There is no one like you”.  He is the beginning and the end, holy, just, merciful, all powerful, all knowing and on and on.  He is all that all the time.  When we lose our awe of God it impacts our life in many ways.  As Pastor Ron pointed out some of these are:
  •  We lose sight of God’s greatness and His power.
  • Our view of sin becomes small – this makes a mockery of Jesus’ sacrifice for us.
  • We end up choosing to compromise on key matters instead of standing on our convictions. 
  • We choose happiness instead of holiness – we rationalize all kinds of things because of this.  Like the people of Israel did, we exchange an awesome God for worthless idols and things that will not last.
  • We become the center of our universe – not God - and this has huge consequences for our life and the life of those around us that we lead.
  • Our worship becomes casual; just another thing we need to do.  Our singing has no heart, our posture is one of pride, we show up late, leave early and are distracted.
Does this describe you in some way?  We can all fall into this trap from time to time, but we do not have to stay there.  Here are four things you can do to regain and maintain your awe of God.
  1. Connect with God daily through His word and in prayer. God will be faithful to reveal Himself to you.
  2.  Invest in community – a small group, a bible study, an accountability group… something.
  3. Commit to worship weekly with other believers.
  4. Evaluate your life regularly. We can all develop blind spots that need adjusting or fixing.
When we begin to understand how awesome God really is, we will begin to understand how much He has done for us and how much He really loves us, for that too is awesome.

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