Wednesday, April 13, 2011

In The Mix

Contributed by:
Heather Everingham
connections coordinator

Community as defined in the Webster’s dictionary means:
1. A group of people who live in the same area.
2. A group of people who have the same interest.
3. A feeling of wanting to be with other people, or of caring about the other people in a group.
When thinking about the definition of community it seems to go hand in hand with small groups. Each of the above defining points even has the word “group” in it. I am so passionate about group life that when someone gives me excuses for why they can’t be in groups I often want to tell them that those are the exact same reasons you SHOULD be in a group. Not only does a group help you connect with other Christians, and keep you accountable, it also gives you a group of people who can be there for you and help you out through the adventures we call life.

When developing the idea for The Mix, I had hopes of getting as many people involved who didn’t have a group as possible. In essence a sales tactic to show people how awesome group life can be. We’ve all seen the commercials where someone is telling you how great a product can be, and when you’ve finally decided you can’t live without it, they always reel you in for more. “You too can have a group for 6 weekly meetings, act now! But wait there’s more!” But in all seriousness when creating man, God never wanted us to be alone; he never wanted us to take on this life without others. He started the earth with Adam AND Eve.

If you reflect back on your life and your accomplishments I’m sure that you will find all of your best accomplishments were not done alone. Why should you try to better your relationship with God by doing it alone?

So if you’re a little intimidated by joining a group, don’t worry, we’ve all been there. If you think you don’t have enough Biblical knowledge, don’t worry, we won’t embarrass you. If you think you’re too busy, and one more night during the week will just be too much, ask yourself… what's more important than building relationships with others to help me grow in my relationship with God? If you think you can’t afford the childcare, trust and God will provide. Give us 6 weeks, and if you don’t gain anything else from The Mix at least you’ll have met someone new (me) and you’ll have had great snacks on Wednesday nights!

The Mix – join now! There is plenty of room for everyone. Meeting Wednesday nights in the 3 year old room at Pathway from 7-8:30, May 4th –June 8th.

We'll be studying "The Me I Want to Be" by John Ortberg. Below you'll find a link to more information about that study, and a video preview. You can sign up for The Mix by visiting the Get Connected page of the Pathway Groups website. Hope we see you there!

The Official Website for The Me I Want to Be
Where you can order workbooks for the study

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